Using POS Display Videos to Improve Sales

Using POS Display Videos to Improve Sales

Using POS Display Videos to Improve Sales on

What’s better than a dedicated salesperson standing next to your product?

Think about the last time you went into one of those big box superstores and had a question about a product you found on the shelf. Hello? Was there anybody there to help you?


You just experienced first-hand why manufacturers are pumping up the production of point-of-sale (POS) display videos—they know they’re missing out on sales.

More than packaging and shelf position

The Food Marketing Institute reports the average number of items carried by a supermarket is over 42,000. The average large department store stocks over 142,000.


Packaging and shelf placement help products stand out. It’s still an effort to snag a buyer’s attention when they’re distracted by tens of thousands of products. Manufacturers know they need something more. That something is point-of-sale display video.

The numbers keep growing

A 2010 Neilsen study showed that the flexible messaging technology of POS captures a customer’s attention right where they buy. Display video has increased sales by up to 33% for brands who use it. Sports apparel giant Adidas reports a 40% increase in sales using an interactive video POS system in stores.

Go Bold!

It’s all about catching a customer’s eye. Choose attractive fonts that represent your brand. It’s video, and you’re fighting for attention. Use bright, contrasting colors. POS isn’t for the meek. You’ve got to stand out from the rest of the brands nearby.

Perfect Placement

Put your POS display video at eye level. Glancing up or looking down may be more than a potential customer gives you the best chance to garner potential buyers attention.


Are you competing with other brands on the shelf? If you’re not the market leader, negotiate to position your display as close as possible to who is beating you in sales. Obtain the position to the right-hand side of the leading brand. Consumers scan for products the same way they read. They’ll see you first.

Compelling reason to buy now!

Quick, you’ve got only a few seconds show what’s in it for them when a customer stops to watch your POS display video. Create desire with your strongest benefit. Successful POS display videos often use a scenario script.


  • Customer problem: Show you understand them. Recreate the problem in your video.


  • Introduction: Give them an aha! moment. Show your brand solving their problem.


  • Call to action: This is the compelling reason to Buy the Product and Buy Now!

Show product in action to maximize benefits

Few things highlight product better than video. Use your POS display video to help people visualize themselves using your product. Potential consumers often observe mall kiosks and are eager to try something on or test something out: the more you allow them to interact with a product and see it in use, the easier it is for a buyer to imagine it being part of their lives. If they like the way it fits in, they’re less likely to want to give it back. This is a great way to peak their interest and move product off the shelves.


Be courteous with their time, though. You’re walking a fine line between selling and interrupting their shopping. The best option is to keep the video focused and short. Have additional information ready for the customer if they want it. Make that extra information easy for them to get their hands on.

Smartphone handoff

Make use of mobile technology. Have your video end with a QR code that customers can scan with their smartphone. It should immediately offer more information, as well as a specific offer that’s tied to the POS display. Not everybody has a scanner app on their smartphone, so consider providing a short code word they can send via an SMS message that rewards them with the same information from the QR code scan.

Focus on a personal experience

Once you’ve caught their attention, use it as the key opportunity to create a moment of personal interaction. Speak clearly and deliver a relevant message. Utilizing the pronouns; “You” and “yours” are powerful ways to take a step closer to a consumer. These two pronouns help customers further see themselves using your product.

Equal time for audio

Your POS display video has to do more than capture a customer’s eyes. They’ve got to hear the message, too. Don’t count on a background that’s conducive to quiet audio.


An audio track with little or no background music does best. Make sure to test your POS display video yourself. Load it on your smartphone and play it while you visit a busy store.

Your best new sales associate

A POS display video is an effective way to boost in-store sales. It turns potential customers into active buyers on the spot and interactivity plants powerful suggestions for those who are still not ready to buy. Best yet, your POS display video is always there to help a customer. It doesn’t have to go clean up a spill on the next aisle.


Want to create persuasive POS videos that increase you sales? Give Kollins Communications a call at 201-786-0400 ext. 170.

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