Social Media Event MRCC

Social Media Event MRCC



There are two extremes people often fall into when it comes to the notorious words: “Social Media.”


  • For this first set of people, a day without Facebook, Twitter, etc. will probably result in something vaguely reminiscent of the plot of Cast Away. Around hour two without it, withdrawal symptoms begin to kick in; hour six is marked by sudden onset attention starvation; and by the end of the day, the person in question may or may not revert to talking to a volleyball to ease their isolation.
  • This second group of people has a strangely opposite reaction: upon hearing the words “social media,” they’re usually inclined to run straight to the nearest forest to live out their days as a hermit. It’s not necessarily that they dislike talking with people; they just tend to dislike happiness and fun and an overabundance of cat videos. Or they’re afraid that every picture they post of their breakfast is being monitored by government agencies.


Okay, the truth is that most people fall in between these two categories. Most people are not afraid of social media, but they do not quite understand all the ins-and-outs of the numerous platforms either. So how can businesses utilize tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and more when there are so many idiosyncrasies and strategies to be aware of when it comes to posting?


Well, on June 30, the Mahwah Regional Chamber of Commerce (MRCC) was there to fill you in.


Coinciding with the globally recognized Social Media Day, the MRCC held an event at the Sheraton Hotel in Mahwah to honor this seventh annual celebration. Their goal: assist small businesses in social media immersion.


Kollins Communications was tasked with creating displays for the event. Earlier in the week, our media players were programmed to the specifications of the MRCC and thoroughly tested to ensure their dependability. The day of, our team got an early start, heading over to the event site at 7AM to set up the displays. In the main ballroom and each of the seven smaller ballrooms, televisions were mounted and bracketed into place, and media players were wired in.


Then the event began. After breakfast was served, the first keynote speaker of the day, Karen Yankovich, took the main ballroom stage for her opening address: “Stop Making Noise, Start Making Money with Profitable Social Media.”


And the tone was set. Between the keynote speakers and the ever-necessary coffee breaks, you had the chance to expand your knowledge of social media marketing by attending lectures throughout the day. Five, thirty-minute classes took place during the same time—at six different parts of the day—and guests were invited to pick and choose which lectures sounded most interesting to them.


Here’s an example list of a guest’s lecture itinerary that day:


  • Let’s Get Those Creative Juices Flowing: Content Curation & Creation
  • Why You’re Leaving Money on The Table if You’re Not Using LinkedIn
  • SEO Secrets, Myths and Truths to Being Found Online
  • Facebook Advertising Beginner Guide
  • Blog Your Way to Better Leads & Bad Ass Sales
  • What the Heck is a Hashtag?


Depending on which set of talks you chose—at the beginner, intermediate, and advance levels—you were given the opportunity to learn about a variety of topics: Facebook, email marketing, Twitter, Instagram, SEO, visuals to coincide with your writing, and more.


Each lecture was presented on a Kollins Communications display, and during the down time in between, our displays became interactive. The media players were programmed to play a live feed from a website that can track hashtags from every social media site. This allowed guests to post on any form of social media with the tags “#MRCCexperience” or “#MRCCsocial,” and those posts would pop up in every room of the event. There were selfies galore, pictures of the keynote speakers, quotes from the individual lectures, and more. It only took a brief look through these posts—seeing the excitement of the crowd—to realize that this event was a success.


If you went to Social Media Day at the Sheraton wondering how your business’s marketing strategy could thrive on social media, you not only left with that question answered, but you left with questions answered that you would not even have thought to ask. We at Kollins Communications witnessed so much enthusiasm on June 30, and we want to be able to capture that same enthusiasm and help you grow your business out of it. Call us at (201) 786-0400 Ext. 170 if you’re thinking about recording TV commercials, trades show videos, promotional videos, and more. We look forward to working with you in the future!

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