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Electronic design, sourcing, assembly and fulfillment of electronic components

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In-store digital displays are becoming the most effective media channel for brick & mortar retail stores and advertisers, mirroring the success of targeted online ads. The new capabilities provided by digital displays are attracting not only retailers, but also consumer goods manufacturers seeking a more effective marketing strategy. Digital in-store advertising can positively affect brand relationship with consumers. Spending on in-store digital ads is predicted to grow as much as eightfold over the next four to five years and Kollins has been at the forefront of integrating UHD video media players with interactive tablets, buttons, and sensors in domestic and international retail marketplaces.

Kollins works with display companies and manufacturers to develop electronic Point-of-Sale devices. Kitting and fulfillment is a natural fit to deliver reliable displays. When it comes to preparing electronic materials, we can fulfill custom kitting needs and manage any packaging requirements. We can pack items from inventory or provide product and kit assembly. Our fulfillment system includes stock-level monitoring, replenishment capabilities, and real-time inventory reporting. You can rely upon a single point of contact to manage all print and fulfillment needs.

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Distribution efficiency

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With access to a global shipping, we’re able to coordinate and deliver all of your electronic in-store marketing products to any geographic market. We work directly with domestic trucking companies for less than truckload (LTL) and full load shipments, and with international freight forwarders and customs clearance agents to assure overseas shipments arrive on time.

Whether your products are going global or staying domestic, we deliver a fulfillment solution suited to your business processes and your customer markets. With an integrated strategy that is powered by a dedicated staff and technology, we help you drive efficiencies, improve your speed to market, and strengthen your customer connections. Quality control along with attention to detail is given to ensure every component is included in complex electronic assemblies for flawless execution in the field.

Set up digital displays professionally and hassle-free.