Kollins Constructs Wall of 96 TVs for KITH Fashion Show  

Kollins Constructs Wall of 96 TVs for KITH Fashion Show  

New York, New York – Kollins Communications Inc., an all-in-one innovative solutions company for retail and video marketing, assembled a wall of 96 Samsung QLED TVs on-site at the Classic Car Club for the KITH Sports fashion show in on the Hudson River in Manhattan.

The TV wall displayed videos and served as a backdrop for the highly-awaited NYC Fashion Week event, which featured 3-time NBA Champion Lebron James and NBA Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen.

“We looked forward to working with KITH again, after installing digital signage for two KITH store activations last September. This time we were more involved in the fashion show production, developing and executing such a key piece of this event,” said Richard Martin from Kollins Communications. “However, none of it would have been possible, if not for a group effort that included Eyesight Fashion and Luxury, Hadley Exhibits, and many others.” 

The photographic and video content for the event was shown across the 96 TVs using a 4K Digibird video wall processor driven by 4K BrightSign media players.   

Some of the 96 TVs used at the fashion show will be used in digital signage activiations in KITH stores and offices. The signage utilizes the Kollins’ 4K network to control and switch media players anywhere there’s an Internet connection.

For more information about innovative marketing solutions that Kollins Communications can provide to retail companies, visit Kollins.com. 

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