Kiss Your Old TV Goodbye

Kiss Your Old TV Goodbye


I bet you were just going to throw your old TV away. Everyone has a garage, attic, or closet full of odds and ends that they’ll “get around” to doing something about, and among those boxes of worn out paperbacks and broken Christmas lights, you’ll probably find that first television set you ever bought—a massive cube offering a fuzzy picture and a missing remote that you “didn’t lose, you just misplaced” back in 1992.


It’s partly because those technological relics still inhabit a place in your house (and maybe even your heart) that Samsung hosted its first ever “Trade In and Trade Up” television recycling event on Saturday, June 11 at the Bergen Town Center Outlet Mall. From 9AM-1PM, there was finally an opportunity to free up some space in your house while simultaneously earning discounts for disposing your TV in an environmentally friendly way.


Lauren Tobin, the Senior Manager of TV Product Marketing, said it best: “We don’t want these to end up in a landfill. We want to encourage people to recycle their TVs and to be green, and that’s why Samsung is hosting this event.”


This is how the promotion worked: once you dug out that retired television set—regardless of its age—and drove it over to the event site, the Samsung staff would unload it from your car, responsibly recycle it, and present you with a 15% off coupon for your next Samsung TV. The voucher could be used onsite or on to purchase any new television, including their 4K SUHD TV with the latest in Quantum Dot technology. There was even a tent consumers could visit where a Samsung staff member would sit down with them and determine exactly which new television set would be the perfect fit for their home.


Brandt Varner, Senior Director of TV Product Marketing, said: “We’re very excited to be hear today and see the large number of people that have been coming out. The response has been very positive, very interactive, and a lot of folks that are coming out looking to recycle an old television purchase a brand new Samsung TV.”


And the consumers couldn’t agree more. One man told our crew, “I think that’s a win-win for everyone, right? So thank you very much and goodbye to my first TV.” He then leaned down to give his TV a heartfelt, farewell kiss.


And how did Kollins participate in this event? Our team recorded everything! We captured personal interviews with consumers and staff, dance moves in the 92.3 radio station tent, men and women wrapping up old television sets that were ready to be recycled, and most importantly: the enjoyment Samsung was able to bring to their customers. Click on the video above to see the “Trade In and Trade Up” event come to life.


If you need footage of your next event, call or email Kollins Communication and we will provide you with unbeatable content that you can display on your website or Facebook page.

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