How Your Brand Can Succeed with Experiential Marketing

How Your Brand Can Succeed with Experiential Marketing

How Your Brand Can Succeed with Experiential Marketing

Brands can no longer rely strictly on a marketing department to succeed in spreading the word about its products, nor can brands put all the pressure on social media teams. With ever-evolving technology, it is paramount for companies to stay ahead of the curve and embrace new and different marketing techniques. One such technique is experiential marketing.

Experiential marketing, which is often referred to as engagement marketing, requires a strategy that directly engages consumers and invites them to participate in the evolution of the brand. From event-based, to surveys, to product recommendations, more and more companies are fostering a collaborative atmosphere with their customers. Here are some ways on how your brand can use experiential marketing:


A Celebration of Your Customer

Every consumer wants to feel that he or she is appreciated, especially by the company they continue to support. One of the best ways brands can express their gratitude is by holding an event in honor of your consumers. Using consumer data, companies have the opportunity to reach out to customers with a personalized touch and invite them to an event in their honor.


Themed Customer Conversations

Brands should develop engagement marketing campaigns around a certain theme, such as holidays or birthdays. The theme-based engagement marketing campaigns are among the most popular, especially when there is a special promo or coupon incorporated in the email, text, or message.



Nothing better than a little competition to spark the connection between a brand and a consumer. From contests, to giveaways, to raffles, brands can reconnect with consumers by enticing them to enter into a competition for products or specials based around the company.



A consumer should feel like their voice counts. One of the most effective ways to create communication between a consumer and brand is through a survey. Brands should allow the consumer to give them data, such as how they interact with the brand and what do you think of when you here the company’s name.


Product Recommendations

Asking a consumer for product recommendations can provide brands with a clear understanding of their present and future position in the public eye. Additionally, brands, armed with this information, can send campaigns that automatically suggest products the consumers may enjoy.


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