4K UHD Video Production

Kollins delivers video projects in Full HD or UHD/4K.

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If you want your business to soar above the competition, Kollins video and digital media production services can help. Producers, agencies and marketing departments — ask us about our services including location, studio, post, motion graphics, 3D modeling, audio, color grading, finishing, and encoding in HD/UHD/4K. Kollins Communications will exceed your expectations with current technology, a knowledgeable crew, and efficient project management.


Brand storytelling is an objective that sits at the heart of any brand strategy. Engage with a customer and connect with them at a meaningful level. Technological advances have changed how we market content. As technology evolves, the user’s expectation for the delivery of content does as well. Kollins continues to adapt to this evolution.


4K UHD video production services have become standard at Kollins. We have been shooting and posting in UHD for over two years and have developed a production workflow that streamlines location videography and motion graphics.

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Post Production

Four suites include the Autodesk Flame Family – the ultimate finishing toolset for high-end post; and Final Cut Pro that offer quality HD/UHD/4K editing and visual effects.

4K UHD Video Production


Whether you shoot your video with Kollins, or bring in your digital assets, we’ll guarantee adherence to rigid standards of technical excellence. Editing requires a good storyteller that can interpret your boards, ideas and concepts to produce a visualization that communicates, motivates, and instills a call to action. Our mature, creative staff has been involved in broadcast and visual effects uses collective intelligence to deliver imaginative storytelling.

Our Flame visual effects and finishing software has been the standard in high-end post for twenty-two years and counting. Flame® 3D visual effects (VFX) software enables our post-production professionals to meet your tough challenges with high-performing tools for visual effects, compositing, advanced graphics, real-time color grading (even in UHD), conform, color management, and editorial finishing.


  • Autodesk Flame Premium
  • Lustre Color Grading
  • Flare
  • Flame Assist
  • Final Cut Pro
  • After Effects
  • Creative Suite
  • 3ds Max
  • ProTools

Get beautiful 4K video for your project today.